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WVC Jazz Ensemble's Latest Album! May 2021


WVC presented “Seketika Sebelum Merdeka” at Dpac in 2016. The music presented consists of pre-Merdeka Malayan classics, reimagined with WVC flavors; supplemented by stories, anecdotes, and history narrations. It was an attempt to fuse our musical heritage with jazz language, contemporary ideas, improvisation.


With the release of WVC's 7th album, the ideas from "Seketika Sebelum Merdeka" were broaden to include songs from after Merdeka as well; the title of the album is "Purnama".


Here is a little footnote, our National Anthem shares the melody of this beautiful song Terang Bulan. This melody was also shared by songs known as Mamula Moon, or 月光曲 (Moonlight Song) or 南海月夜 (Moon Night in Southern Sea).

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