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WVC Jazz Ensemble's Latest Album! June 2021


Purnama. A bright full Moon, perfect. It lights up the whole of human civilisation. The Moon is timeless, and yet we use its phases to compute and comprehend time, to mark change, to symbolise the repetitive cycles of the world. It presents a different face each night, different versions of itself, the light as well as the hidden dark, as it waxes and wanes endlessly.

The image of a new Moon seemed somehow to capture the spirit of those times, for Malaysia’s national anthem, ‘Negaraku’, shares its melody with a gorgeous love song made popular in the 1920s, ‘Terang Bulan’, and also with ‘Mamula Moon’ or ‘Moonlight Song’ 月光曲or ‘Moonlight in the Southern Sea’ 南海月夜. Perhaps these songs, I thought, showed us the glint of light on the new road taken.

WVC’s latest album Purnama includes 12 songs rearranged, performed by acclaimed Malaysian musicians. 

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